Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hampi Rocks!

it was a civilisation of about half a million population in the year 1336 which was known as Vijaynagar.

It's a belief that, Lord Rama met Hanuman and killed Vali in exchange for help from Sugreeva there. That means, Hampi has a epical history since Ramayana! WOW! In Ramayana times, this region was known as Kishkinda (Monkey Kingdom)

It has a mythical aura in it and you can feel it there. Some of the monuments are spooky though! :)

Hampi has it's own unique style of architecture. there are temples, there are masjids. Some monuments are mixture of both. I personally liked the HajaarRam Temple. The temple with 1000 sculptures of Rama on it.

Some more Hampi Photo Treat here... (CLICK)

AWESOME is the word for whole Hampi!

If you havent visited it yet.. GO THERE! JUST ONCE! n then again!

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