Saturday, November 21, 2009

चित्रपट पाहिल्यावर ज्याच्या मुखातून "वाह!" येत नाही, त्याला तो समजलाच नाही! काय बनवलाय हा सिनेमा!! खर्रच्च!!

आज पाहू... उद्या पाहू... अस्सं करता करता जवळ जवळ महीना गेला आणि तो बघायचा राहूनच गेला.. आणि शेवटी आज मुहुर्त सापडला! खेदाची गोष्ट अशी की, आम्ही १४ जण मित्र-मैत्रीणी गेलो होतो आणि आमच्या सोबत अजून इतर दोघे जणच होते. म्हंजे एकंदरीत १६! अस्सो! मुद्दा तो नाहीये!!

सगळंच उत्कृष्ठ असलेला असा सिनेमा! कथा, अभिनय (सुली - मुक्ता बर्वे, तायप्पा - उपेन्द्र लिमये.. आणि बाकि सगळ्ळेच्च!!) दिग्दर्शन (राजीव पाटील), चित्रीकरण (संजय जाधव - १००/१०० मार्क्स) आणि संगीत (अजय-अतुल - देव माणसं)! सगळ्ळंच वाह!!

जीव गुंगला.. रंगला.. दंगला.. हे हरीहरण आणि श्रेया घोषाल यांनी गायलेलं गाणी अप्रतीम! त्याचं चित्रीकरण त्यापेक्षा भारी!!

अस्से मराठी चित्रपट खुप कमी येतात राव!! बघा बघा!! जिथे असेल तिथे आणि थिएटरमध्येच बघा! त्याशिवाय मज्ज्जा नाही! मला जाम उशीर झाला बघायला पण मी पाहीलाच!

वरच्या गाण्यावरून "हा सिनेमा कसा असेल!? विकृत असेल!" असा विचार न करता बघा! आणि नंतर बोला!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

DRUSHTIKON - 2009 - my first foto exhibition in group!

yaay !!
what an experience !!
it started far far before.. than the actual days of exhibition.. from sending entries to the exhibit to the last day of exhibit.. P@P told to submit 5 entries for exhibit, which i did.. n they select all those 5 entries for exhibit.. i was winner at that moment only!! :D Initially, i had selected some other 5 fotos to send.. but those were not fit in the categories shared by them.. so new 5 fotos!! :)

That's my Life (shot at Rajasthan)

Senior Talk (shot at Mahalakshim temple, Kolhapur)

Holi (from my building terrace)

Character in Rust (shot at Chor-Bazaar, Mumbai)

A night in Mumbai (shot at Marine Drive, Mumbai - 4.25 am)

Meantime, Suhas and Pankanj (admins of P@P) asked me to design event communications, so i did. I started work.. n that also goes well.. most important here.. they didnt interfere in design like very typical client. n that's why i enjoyed the work. It was funn working with P@P team. I enjoyed making DRUSHTIKON 2009 designs - posters, hoarding, banners, invitation, flyer, sponsor card, NGO's sheet, photographer info page etc.

exhibit was on 13-14 and 15th november at pune.. was not able to be there on the first day.. ie. on friday as i cought up in office work, but was there for next 2 days. Those 2 days were really yaadgaar.

Aai-Baba was there on the day two! Sahil, Sanil, Omkar, Ballu, Sushil, Vishal D, Aamod, Nilesh, VivekD n their friends were with me in the morning. Presence of Aai-Baba and these friends made my day. I met Rushi, Suhas, Pankaj, Soumitra for the first time there. Suhas's expressions after seeing was ttotally unexpected. After exhibit.. ie. after 9.oo pm, Bhushan's guitar Mehfil started.. what a singer + guitarist he is!!! I missed his mehfil on friday night and also on the sunday night. :(

Next day, on Sunday, Saarang came with his cousin there.. (i literally forgot to wish him there.. his b'day.. i was so excited about the event.. :). Then sudi, nishant, mrudula and richa visited. Had funn with them as well. Thanx guys! :)

I was supposed to have a workshop on colourscheme on Saturday, but was not able to do that for some great reasons! but it happened on Sunday then.. the workshop of Photoshop - toning, adding colours, adding textures to photos - ie. enhancing photos through PS with tones n textures. It was a success with the help of Rushi and Suhas.

FLOP magazine arranged a unique program there of viewers choice. At the entrace, they shared a paper with the viewers n told them to select their top 5 fotos from the exhibit. i found, every viewer was doing this pro-actively and after 2 days of exhibit i came to know, my "Character in Rust' was in TOP 5. WAAAH!

chk below links for more about the exhibit

Some Photographs of the exhibit

cant wait for DRUSHTIKON - 2010!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

DRUSHTIKON 2009 - 3rd Photo Exhibit

The world we live in is made up of a myriad of places, events and colors… from the serene and picturesque mountains... to the raging seas. All made of different colors and different shades. The moment you see such immaculate sights, be it natural or artificial, you always want to capture them forever.

Over the past couple of years, we have been capturing countless such spectacular sights too, but with a slight difference. The difference is in seeing the world through our lens…

A different world through our Drushtikon ...

For this rich experience visit
New Art Gallery, Ghole Road
from 13th to 15th November 2009
between 10.00 am to 9.00 pm

This exhibition aims to promote and popularize photography as a serious hobby and at the same to time support a social cause. The group will be sponsoring children from Vidya Mahamandal's organisation for deaf and dumb children. Also, voluntary donations revived from the visitors at the exhibition will be added in the members' contribution.

About Photographers at Pune:
Photographers at Pune or P@P as it is popularly known, is an informal online group of mostly amateur but highly devoted photography enthusiasts with some connection to Pune city. Started in 2006 by half a dozen people, P@P has today grown to be a strong 1300 member group. It’s a mix of members from all walks of life, from students to corporate directors and from 15 year old to senior citizens.

As an electronic group, we use the online platform provided by flickr to share and discuss photos and also learn the finer aspects of photography. But that’s just a primary aspect. Apart from online discussions and photo sharing, we as a group conduct various offline meets, photo shoots around Pune and workshops and seminars on a regular basis.

The group has a fervent pool of 25,000 photos of which on an average 250 new photos and 30 new members are added are every week. Our activities as a group has been featured in various print media including ToI, DNA, Sakal, Pune Mirror, Indian Express, Better Photography to name a few.

It is the dream of each and every photographer to display his work in an exhibition. With that in mind, we as group have been conducting exhibitions to display the work of its members for the past two years. So far we have successfully conducted two neatly planned photography exhibitions.

Location Map:

Do visit the exhibition and help us in this social cause.
Please forward this post to all your friends and family.
Thanks and regards
Team P@P