Sunday, June 28, 2009


finnallly.. Sameer Kulkarni.. kicks his blog last week!!
have a look.. n keep him watching...
promising guy with great illo ishtyles!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Ways to Enjoy Rains (in Mumbai)

Below Rain post by one of my best friends, Sudi!!
The rainy season is considered to be a non favourite amongst a lot of people, but for a true mumbaiite, its the season of fun, love and a lot of activities. Here's giving some simple tips on how to make this season a truly memorable one.

Always carry an umbrella, those wind cheaters dont work in Mumbai rains. And dont use it, unless some cute chick needs it. U can always be 'the man'.. at the right the right time. Using a umbrella during heavy rains is an Art too :)

Travel by Bus or rickshaw if u want to really enjoy the rains. Trains can kill ur excitement and cabs will make u crave for it (with closed windows)... unless u are with a special someone :)

Take a long walk at Marine drives or Worli Seaface preferably eating a Corn (Bhutta) or maybe get drenched and enjoy some hot Onion Bhajiyas (Kanda bhajiyas) with Cutting Chai. Even Coffee is an good option.

For people who dont know wot chai and coffee is :), YES hard is. They never seem so good in any other season. The best option is to have Scotch or Old Monk Rum (Naah.. NO smirnoffs and bacardis plz...they dont even stand close to an Old Monk)

Its is the season where u eat a lot and sleep a lot. Best food to have during rains are fast food and Chinese...and to some extent indian(dhaabas only). Coz they r available everywhere. Avoid eating from roadside and fall ill. This is certainly not the season to fall ill.

Holidays are a MUST in this season. So take whenever u want. U r one lucky ass if u travel by trains, or live in the central side of town. Reasons like 'Trains are not workin' , 'King Cirle / Hindmata is flooded' (which always happen.. even if 4 dogs pee there together...its a 29 yr me) , 'My area is flooded'... are some of the reasons u can always use. But USE WISELY too ;)

Its also the season for TREKKING and HIKING. Plan Almost all weekends for some outdoor activity. Trust me maharashtra is jaw droppingly awesome during rains. Some common places are Lohagad, Peb Ghad, Harish Chandra Ghad, Kamshet, Raigad etc etc.

If you arent the one who wants to move out of ur couch at home, then best option is to call friends home and watch some Old hindi movies of Hrishikesh Mukherjee or Basu Chatterjee movies or some Classic old English movies. Liquor is a Must. Even Ghazals or Jazz or Soft Rock suits the Ears.

I dont support Smoking, but for all those who just cant leave it, (just like i cant leave alcohol ;))...just pile up ur stocks. Cigarette Smoking is so much fun during rains...and its a must specially when u r drenched totally. Other 'smoke items' are heaven too ;)

Rains and Chicks go hand in hand. They look ultra sexy during this weather... some magic i must say. No wonder a lot of people fall in love in this season. Some of the best places to be during rains in Mumbai..for some 'eye treatment' are Colaba/ VT/ Marine Drives, King Circle/Sion, Chembur, Vashi, Worli(Atria Mall)/ Lower Parel(Phoenix Mall)BAndra ofcourse, Khar/Santacruz, Vileparle, Andheri(west), Malad/Goregaon(central mall), Borivli( IC Colony). If u aint in any of these, u r missing a lot of stuff..and u deserve to leave Mumbai for good.

You are welcome to add your own lil tips too along with these. Enjoy.

Stay Safe. Cheers.
Sudi (Rain Lover - Mumbai)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ये रे! ये रे! पावसा!!!

मुंबईत अजूनही पाऊस नाहिये!! हे एक आमंत्रण!!

जरा इकडे पण बघा आणि बरसा!!

Friday, June 05, 2009


ऑर्कट्वरच्या एका मित्रानं आशा बगेंचं "त्रिदल" वाच असं सुचवलं. आणि त्यानंतर बर्‍याच दिवसान्नी ते ग्रंथालयात सापडलं. अगदी पहील्या पानापासून ते शेवटच्या पानापर्यंत पुस्तक मस्तपैकी बांधून ठेवतं. साधारण ४-५ महीन्यांनंतर पुस्तक वाचलं हे... त्यामूळे मजा आली. बाकी आशाताईंनी अशा प्रकारे ते लिहीलयं की विचारुन सोय नाही. मस्तच लिहीलयं.

शारदा, श्रीनिवास आणि मंजू ही या कांदबरीतली प्रमुख पात्रं. पुस्तकाचं प्रत्येक पान शारदेनं व्यापलेलं आहे. शारदेचा स्वभाव जरा हेकेखोर, शांत आणि थोडा लहरी! हाच स्वभाव तिला स्वतःला जखडवून ठेवत असतो, तिला माहित असूनही! तिचा नवरा - श्रीनिवास, तिला शेवटपर्यंत साथ देतो, तिचा स्वभाव असा असूनही! मंजू - श्रीनिवासची बहीण आणि शारदेची कॉलेजपासूनची मैत्रीण, हिच्या मूळे शारदेचं पात्र जास्तीत जास्त वाचकापर्यंत पोचायला मदत होते. या तिघांविषयी जाम लिहावसं वाटतयं, पण मी का लिहू?? ते तुम्ही वाचा! (हाहा!!! मी शारदा झालोय का??)

माणसाचा स्वभाव कसा असतो आणि तो कालपरत्वे कसा बदलतो हे या कादंबरीत उत्तमरित्या आलयं.

अनायसे खुप काही शिकल्यासारखं वाटलं.