Wednesday, August 15, 2007

happy independence day

today we are celebrating our 60 years independence day..!! all indians definitely get atleast an email with independence day greetings.. n many of them may got this image as greeting. n i m the creator of the same... :) proud of it..

but now i m confused..!! people just got original artwork from net.. they edit it... remove the logo of, add their names or company name n forward it to their friends... i m not there then.. i got 11 emails of independence greetings from yesterday.. n 4 of them with the same image with different company name and without my AQSHAR logo or without any credits... in what way should i react on this!!??

the best one.. i googled "indian independence day", i got my design on this link (

this company got the same artwork.. edited it at their end.. they replaced the AQSHAR.COM logo with their company logo ( and the height is that.. they specifically mentioned.. designed by - Sumanth G. Reddy (company name - Access Technology India, Delhi)

there are many more like this..!! will post it soon!

i think these guys are really celebrating, enjoying their independence of using any artists artwork without creators permission or without giving any credits to him/her.. :)

it's not only about me.. but also about all the artists, who had displayed their work online.. n the artworks got ripped / theft.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


त्या दिवशी मला कळलं की शाळेची मजा कशात आहे ते. वर्ग आहेत, बाकं आहेत, पोरंपोरी आहेत, सर आहेत, गणित आहे, नागरिकशास्त्रसुध्दा; पण आपण त्यात कशातच नाही. आपण त्या गाईच्या पाठीवर बसणार्‍या पांढर्‍या पक्ष्यांसारखे मुक्त आहोत. ह्यांच्या शाळेत बसलेलो असलो तरी आपल्या मनात एक वेगळीच शाळा भरते. खास आपल्या एकट्याचीच. त्या शाळेला वर्ग नाहीत, भिंती नाहीत, फळा नाही, शिक्षक नाहीत; पण त्यातलं शिकणं फार सुंदर आहे.

- मिलिंद बोकील
(शाळा - शाळेत गेलेल्या सर्वांसाठी)

Monday, August 06, 2007

ganeshotsav - 2007 - on the way..

clicked sum snaps last saturday.. at Lalbaug..
Lalbaug - where most of the Mumbai Ganapatis born.. :)

some snaps are uploaded at my flickr.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

वादळापूर्वीची शांतता!

एक वादळ येणार आहे! तयारी चालू आहे!
आज ऑफीस मध्ये आम्हा तिघांचा (मी, समीर आणि तो) तोच विषय होता!!