Monday, April 20, 2009


HTML - hyper text markup langauge!!
what a tedious job this is.. isnt it!!! but sum guys have taken this as their professional.. n having mastery on it.. Dont know how these guys manage to do HTMLs n coding!! Ridiculous!!! :D

Once there was lack of resources n i was doing the changes on a site.. The changes was changing a word / replacing a word throughout the site.. i know, u are thinking of just find the word n replace it with the another word.. but Situation was not that much easy. But was critical!! the problem was not getting solved just by finding n replacing it! i opened each n every HTML.. find the word n replaced it. i did that atleast of 15-20 pages!! :((. The very first time, i find how responsible job this is!!! For website design company, HTMLisers plays a great role. HTMLs are bridge between designs and browsers! Our designs got a window just because of HTMLs n good HTMLisers! We cant just design n release it for web. For a better site, proper HTMLs are essential. NO options!!

Anyways, the reason behind writing all this is..
last thursday, we have "HTMLs n it's problems" discussion topic at AnD meet. Naim, Ravish n Amit handled this. It was a great session. All spoke well.. n it was a great learning. They shared their views, thoughts, problems, solutions with us! There was a question-answer session also n very last question was asked by Abhishek (one of our sr. animators) n that was very amazzing..

He asked, "Why u likes to do HTMLs?" what a question this is!!! Who will take this tidious job as a profession?? But a reply we get on this is very mind blowing.. n truely winner! On this question Amit replied, " Do u like to solve quizes n puzzles??" Answer from our end was obviously "YESS!!". then Amit said, "here is our answer. we also love to solve quizes n puzzles.. n we just take this a profession. Your designs + forthcoming programming is quiz for us.. n we try to solve it in our ways.. through coding!!!"

What a brilliant answer!!!

meanwhile, check out Amit's latest status msg. on G-talk.. interesting!!! isnt it??