Monday, September 29, 2008

i m back in tanned!


just came back from my Konkan trip. 5 days trip at Konkan, Ratnagiri. n i m tanned.. :D as usual... it was really awesome.. i have discovered the unseen Konkan!

Trip was really awesome with no words to explain.. just have sum fotos to share.. to say... to explain... to enjoy.. to tell a story.

it was organised by Prof. Shrikant Malushte and Mr. Ganesh Khavle. Both are real great photographers.. n each day was wonderful with them. Other clicker team was also great.. each one with his/her own style n i learnt alot with them. Got new friends with same thoughts n habits.. :D

Places we target : Marleshwar temple, Ganapati Pule, Aareware Beach, Jeejamata Udyan (thiba palace point), Bhate Bridge, Rajapur, Dhootpapershwar Temple, Devgad, Kunakeshwar temple, Mithbaon, Sindhudurg fort, Tarkarli, Bhogwe beach, Vengurla, Amboli... hussshhhh... :)

will share the clicks soon.. so just wait n visit the same place again for next episode.. will be back after a short breeeaak!!



slew said...

wow sounds cool! show pics quick!

Coolkarni-Sam said...

Yes pls.. Quick...