Wednesday, October 22, 2008

konkan - episode - 002

back with sum more fotos here...

From Bhaatye Bridge, Ratnagiri

Dr. Varsha... When we were sailing.. :).. yeah.. we were.. damn great experience that was..

the entrace of Dhootapaapeshwar Temple. This place is typical konkan.. unfortunately i didnt get chance to capture anything from gaav. :(

when we reached to Konkeshwar temple.. we found fishermen were getting fish.. wow what situation it was. we all shutterbugs just ran to click whatever we got. hahha!! enjoyed that place + clicking. This kid was helping them to collect fishes.. :)

Same beach.... this white colour of oar n the boat is really coool!! how's this in white..??
will be back with more 2 episodes.. :)


Vaatsaroo said...

Good to see our fishermen embracing technology at last and leaving their primitive tradition behind although in a small way as seen in this fishermans photos.
Check out how he has embraced the plastic baskets than their primitive sadhan of gunny bags within those old straw baskets generally still seen in small towns n small fishing trawlers.

Nice photo..ekdum natural pose.

Jar ka eka vicharvanta sarkha bolaycha tar tyachya chehryavar ek veglach tej aahe ki aajchya maase mari pakkadne (the catch) kiti janancha pot toh bharel... ani hey tyachya hataane hotoy hyachyatach kiti tari motha samadhan aahe tyala.

Kharach dhanya aahet hi samanya maansa je aaplya sathi yevdhe kabad kashta kartaat ani aaplyala tyamule swadisht samudri jevan milta!!!

slew said...

awesome picture of dr varsha!


Love the pic of the boy